McDonald's or NOMA? Quality commitment ...

Much has happened since a visit to buhdda Bar in Paris that resulted in the establishment of Comentor in 2002. A company's development is a bit like listening to soldiers stories; Remembering fortunately not all the unfortunate things, but often only the good stuff. It's true for the virtue been an exciting development, we have been through, and it's actually a great satisfaction to be able to look back on a number of years, how many people have been part of Comentor.

In the coming years we will continue to focus on development and growth of the business and the employees who daily struggle to solve tasks in the world - for it seems we actually that we do. We will continue to maintain the quality and the business setting, as a significant part of our trademark and brand. We go to great lengths to partner with our customers, and we provide our candidates and leaders of development an experience in just the good end of the scale. We not only advisors - Comentor is very much a partner who understands the business.

"Those who have the ability, also has the duty", as they say. Therefore, we will continue to interfere in the debate and share the knowledge we have accumulated over the more than 14 who Comentor existed - overall, we have nearly 70 years of counseling experience. Our visibility and involvement has among other things led to our followers on LinkedIn is a growth rate of more than 250% over the past year.

We continue to see increasingly that companies find it difficult to find the right employee in a labor market that has been oriented more toward employee than the employer. This means that there is a growing need for search / headhunting skills, so we inherently evolve further in the field.

The market will of course make demands on us as a supplier, why it is gratifying that our customers have ranked us as the best in Northern Jutland and in the top 4 in Denmark in search / headhunting. The success we are naturally proud of, but we are also humble, as it can only be done by a constant focus on quality. In our view, price and quality goes together, but we continue to see this message and the picture is not quite materialized in the market - but there is even a difference between eating at McDonald's or NOMA.